DTA Robin Hopkins

Robin Hopkins

Robin Hopkins

A.J. Ersted Award for Specialized Pedagogy in Undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology
Instructor, Department of Human Physiology

Inclusive, engaged, research-led

"Being nominated for this award by my colleagues and students is a huge honor. I’m so thankful to be part of the human physiology family who truly value and support engaging, inclusive, and evidence-based teaching."

A passion for physiology

"During my undergraduate degree, I learned for the first time how beautifully and intricately the human body is created. My passion for anatomy and physiology was kindled and I just had to share it with others."



Classes with Hopkins

HPHY 112

The Science of Health

HPHY 211

Medical Terminology

HPHY 324

Physiology II

HPHY 325

Anatomy and Physiology III

HPHY 444

Clinical Anatomy


Making classes personal

"With large lectures classes, we heavily rely on Undergraduate Learning Assistants to help make a big class feel small. Every time I see peer teaching interactions, I’m inspired by our [our assitants] willingness to give their time and energy to make our students feel known and help them be successful in the course."

Inspired by her students

"Their energy and enthusiasm for learning the human body is infectious, and being a part of their journey is truly a blessing."