Frances Bronet serves as Acting Senior Vice President and Provost.

Provost's Updates

UO’s Commitment to Confidentiality of Student Counseling Records

Last December, the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) obtained copies of therapy records maintained by the University Counseling and Testing Center (UCTC) in response to a litigation hold sent by a student’s attorney. OGC then scanned the records electronically to preserve and secure them. No one at the OGC has reviewed the records. Subsequently, national debate has centered on how access to these records could impact students seeking counseling on university campuses.

Strategic planning priority setting

The University of Oregon’s strategic planning process has entered a new phase moving towards clear articulation of the key priorities - how the university will define and achieve our goals.

In October, the UO began a strategic planning process.  This is a fully collaborative Senate – Provost Office endeavor, with over 50 members of 4 task forces coming from staff, students, faculty, and administrators. 

There are four primary strategic planning task forces: