Institutional Hiring Plan

The provost has released the 2017-18 Institutional Hiring Plan, which includes over 60 tenure-track faculty (TTF) searches across the schools and colleges. As is always the case, financial exigencies may force us to cancel some of these searches later, but for now we are continuing our determined effort to increase the number of tenure-track faculty at the University of Oregon (UO). Deans are authorized to launch the specific searches identified on the spreadsheet.

The Institutional Hiring Plan represents the push to hire tenure-track faculty who will enhance the UO’s scholarly profile and academic excellence and who will share our commitment to student success. It represents a major shift in process and culture for the University of Oregon, creating a new, holistic focus on the university’s most strategic and important goals within a comprehensive vision of UO’s broad research and teaching mission.

This plan reflects not only the president and provost’s priorities for the university but also each dean’s academic vision and various prospects for collaboration and synergy among schools and colleges that emerged during the dean and faculty group discussions.

Individual proposals to create or enhance strength in computational science, environmental humanities, global cultures, the study of social inequality, transportation/urbanization, and other areas coalesced into interdisciplinary hiring themes. The plan also reflects the university’s ongoing commitment to established clusters like Energy and Sustainable Materials, Genome Function, Neurons to Minds, and Volcanology.

This plan was developed based on proposals from faculty and academic leadership. Deans worked with their faculty to generate the proposals, considering the needs of their units and the goals of the University of Oregon. The provost asked deans to be guided by the following criteria: Enhancing Academic Quality; Promoting Interdisciplinary Excellence; Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Increasing External Support; and Growing Graduate Education. In consultation with the Dean’s Council and the seven-member Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee, the provost considered each proposal carefully before making his final decision.

Once searches post, the Institutional Hiring Plan will be updated with links to individual job ads.