Week Eight Teaching Update

May 15, 2020


We hope the announcement of the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Awards brought a moment of teaching celebration in what has been an intense term. Congratulations to Habib Iddrisu, Judith Raiskin, Alison Gash, Michael Hames-Garcia, Annie Zemper, Maile Hutterer, and Erik Ford. Click on their names to get a glimpse of their approaches to teaching.

Join Monday’s “Powerful Endings” workshops as faculty panelists, including Nicola Barber (Biology), Alison Gash (Political Science), Tom Hahn (Architecture), Damian Radcliffe (Journalism), and Paul Timmins, executive director of the UO Career Center, reflect with us about what students have learned this term and how to use those insights to conclude spring courses. These hour-long sessions are live on Zoom at 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The Office of the Provost Faculty and GE Support Group

Week Eight Checklist

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

  • The Undergraduate Research Symposium will live-stream presentations Thursday, May 21. All presentation videos will become available Friday, May 22 as part of a permanent exhibit of undergraduate research.
  • Please encourage your students to apply for the UO Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards, which recognize high-quality academic work and library research skills. Awards of $1,000-$1,500 are given for single-term papers and projects from 300- and 400-level courses, and for theses or multiterm papers and projects. Submissions due Friday, May 29.

Colleague to Colleague: Concluding Spring Courses

Faculty and GEs share ideas for how they will conclude this extraordinary term and prompt students’ reflection on their learning in the context of pandemic.

Featured this week are: Ash Connell-Gonzalez (English), Annelise Heinz (History), Craig Kauffman (Political Science), Gabriela Martínez (SOJC), Madhu Nadarajah (English), Lindsey Rodgers (SOMD), Matthias Vogel (German and Scandinavian), and Juan Eduardo Wolf (SOMD).

Monday Workshop Series

Powerful Endings: Reflecting with Students on What We’ve Learned This Term
Monday, May 18, 2020
Select One: 9:00-10:00 a.m., 2:00-3:00 p.m.
Click here to join us via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 233 572 809

Reflective activities to end a course solidify students’ new knowledge and prepare them to transfer what they’ve learned to new contexts. This term our teaching and learning community has demonstrated resiliency and learned new skills. Faculty and students have conveyed their sense of the preciousness of this work together and the urgency of new knowledge, skills, and perspectives for the public good.

Join us to reflect on what we’ve learned, including the career skills of remote learning, strategize powerful endings to your course that bring this learning into focus for students, and discover what faculty panelists are planning to conclude their courses.

See the entire workshop lineup and videos of all sessions.

Workshops on Open Education Resources that Reduce Textbook Costs to Students
Open Oregon is offering workshops throughout May on teaching with openly licensed course materials (OERs). Faculty can receive $200 for attending the workshop and submitting a short review of a textbook from the Open Textbook Library, or $300 for reviewing materials they find in other open repositories such as OER Commons.

Let Us Support You

Did you know foundational Zoom training is available to all faculty and staff, as well as training for classroom assistants to help run Zoom meetings for instruction? Request your appointment today from the UO Service Portal.

From ergonomics advice to teaching consultations and hardware loans, resources are available to help support you in the incredible work you’re doing