Tykeson Hall Common Questions

Who are the Tykesons?

Willie and Donald Tykeson (two syllables, pronounced /tike-son/) made the lead gift of $10 million, launching the University of Oregon advising hub that now bears their names. Read more about the journey to Tykeson Hall.

Who should go to Tykeson Hall?

All students, regardless of major, can find career advice and support, study or lounge space, classrooms, and academic support such as tutoring in Tykeson Hall. There are tutoring spaces for students to problem-solve solutions to their questions with tutors.

Tykeson Hall is the academic advising destination for students who:

  • Have not yet declared a major, referred to as exploring students
  • Are declared majors in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Are considering another major or exploring other majors
  • Want to explore career options and opportunities

Students with declared majors in the Lundquist College of Business, College of Design, College of Education, School of Journalism and Communication, and School of Music and Dance should continue to utilize the advising resources in their schools and colleges. Students should also continue to seek advice from faculty when they are looking for specific information about their chosen major or detailed information about their major department and its curricular and co-curricular offerings.

The University Career Center, located on the garden level, serves as the gateway to career services at the University of Oregon. In conjunction with advising and career services partners across campus, the University Career Center assists UO students in developing long-term career readiness and connecting with potential employers. The career center also provides comprehensive job search services and resources to UO students and recent graduates. 

Outdoor space on the Slape Terrace and lounge spaces on the garden level and first floor are open to all. Amy’s Corner Café is another excellent campus option for beverages and snacks.

Why integrate academic and career advising?

Academic and career advisors understand the importance of helping students make meaning of their life experiences, strengths, interests, and individual, cultural, and family values in forming a solid foundation to build students’ academic and career goals.

Academic advisors and career readiness coaches understand how academic and career goals inform each other as they help students plan their courses and career development activities to be ready to work after graduation.

Why did the UO hire more advisors?

Students are more likely to have an impactful college experience and graduate on time if they take early steps to identify the program best aligned with their interests, develop an academic plan early, and receive support to remain on track.

Students who meet regularly with professionally trained academic and careers advisors dedicated to student success are more likely to take the right classes for their degrees and goals, and are able to overcome barriers to timely graduation. Adding additional advisors makes it possible for students to make appointments and to see advisors quickly if they desire to do so.

What other sources of funding were used to create Tykeson Hall?

President Michael Schill made the decision to use donor funding as seed money to pay for 29 advisors at Tykeson Hall, and the state of Oregon contributed $17 million to the capital campaign to help construct the building.

What are Flight Paths? 

Flight Paths are six thematic categories based on academic and career interests that will serve as a framework for students to explore subjects, and to help them choose a major and a career path that’s right for them.