Supplemental Tenure-track Faculty Hires

The University of Oregon has embarked on new efforts to bolster its research productivity and enhance its scholarly profile. The primary means to achieve this goal is growing the faculty in strategic areas and building on existing strengths. Last year the president announced plans to hire at least 80 new tenure-track faculty (TTF) over five years in fields where we can achieve national and international prominence.

During AY16-17 we will conduct over 60 TTF searches as approved through our normal faculty hiring processes. This includes replacement positions, new positions approved by schools and colleges, new strategic initiative hiring, and cluster of excellence hiring. In addition, we hope to hire an additional 5-8 new TTF by making multiple offers or partner hires in some searches and making target of opportunity hires to fulfill other goals.

For details and information on the supplemental faculty hire proposal process, please see the Academic Affairs website.