Student Success

Tykeson Hall embodies the University of Oregon’s commitment to student success. The university meets students where they are and actively works to ensure they graduate with positive and intellectually challenging learning experiences, a greater sense of social responsibility, and readiness for their careers.

Research shows that students are more likely to have an engaging college experience and graduate on time if they take early steps to identify the best program aligned with their strengths and interests, develop an academic plan earlier, engage in opportunities to apply their academic knowledge to problems of practice, and receive support to remain on track.

Tykeson Hall academic and career advisors support students in making meaning of their life experiences, strengths, interests, and individual, family, and cultural values while considering a wide array of educational options and career possibilities. Integrating academic and career advising allows advisors to approach each interaction from micro and macro perspectives, connecting detailed academic planning with larger picture discussions centered around a student’s career development journey.   

To facilitate these conversations with students, advisors in Tykeson Hall are organized by six themes called Flight Paths. The Flight Paths not only serve as an organizing framework for Tykeson College and Career Advising, but also broader First-Year Experience programming. The Flight Paths are designed to help students find an intellectual home early in their academic careers by facilitating intentional exploration of their interests, strengths, and values.

The University of Oregon’s six Flight Paths

Healthy Communities
Scientific Discovery, and Sustainability
Media, Arts, and Expression
Global Connections
Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
Public Policy, Society and Identity

All majors are mapped to a flight path. Exploring students and students declared in majors in the College of Arts and Sciences can meet with academic and career advisors who are specialized in the majors in the flight path. Students who are declared in majors outside of the College of Arts and Sciences are able to meet with advisors in their programs. Learn more about Flight Paths.

When students are preparing to best represent themselves for career opportunities, Tykeson Hall academic and career advisors work closely with Career Readiness Coaches from the University Career Center to make sure students are successful in translating their college experiences and academic knowledge to key skillsets employers need to advance their organization’s mission and vision.