Student Evaluation of Teaching

The Office of the Provost and the University Senate are currently working together to critique and revise all aspects of teaching evaluation. For more information, please see Revising UO's Teaching Evaluations.

All faculty with instructional assignments are expected to receive student evaluations for all courses with enrollment of more than five students. These evaluations include both quantitative responses to specific questions and written comments. Faculty should consult with unit heads on evaluative procedures for courses with five students or less. Copies of the quantitative summary sheets for each course and any signed written comments are placed in the academic unit's personnel file for the faculty member. No unsigned written comments are retained by the academic unit or referred to in the evaluation of teaching for promotion and/or tenure, though they are provided to the faculty member. 

Whenever teaching is being evaluated it is especially important that student evaluations of teaching are not used as a standalone indicator of teaching quality for any official university purpose. Studies show that students’ unconscious and implicit biases generally cause women and minorities to have lower evaluation scores than their white male counterparts, and that the level of the course and other factors may also affect the results. See the TEP statement on Student Evaluation of Teaching for citations. Instead, evaluation of teaching should include combined input from peers, students and the faculty members themselves.

Searchable Student Evaluation Reports

The University of Oregon has used an online course evaluation system since 2008 to collect student evaluations of courses and instructors. Student evaluation reports from 2008 to the present are available to view online and can be sorted by term, school, department, subject, or course number. To access these, sign into DuckWeb, click on Course Evaluations, and then click again on Course Evaluation at the bottom of the page. Once in the CollegeNET page, click on the Reports tab, and select your serach criteria. Answers to frequently asked questions about the Online Course Evaluation System  are provided on the Office of the Registrar website. 

Prior to 2008 student evaluations were conducted in hard copy, but quantitative results collected between 1997 and 2007 are archived and available by emailing