Strategic Framework

Throughout the 2014-15 academic year, more than fifty people from across campus served on workgroups which contributed to the strategic framework. Each workgroup tackled one of four institutional priorities; they held public sessions, met together, and ultimately came up with a vision and related strategies for each priority.

Those four institutional priorities are:

  1. Enhance the impact of research, scholarship, creative inquiry and graduate education.
  2. Promote and enhance student access, retention and success.
  3. Attract and retain high quality, diverse students, faculty and staff.
  4. Enhance physical, administrative and IT infrastructure to ensure academic excellence.  

President Schill and Provost Coltrane, in collaboration with the strategic framework steering committee (co-chairs from the workgroups), took those recommendations and created a Strategic Framework for the University of Oregon. This document articulates a vision for the UO and establishes some clear priorities and strategies to help realize that vision. The document was made available for public comment and then finalized by the president and provost in February 2016. 

Thank you to the dozens of individuals who spent numerous hours collaborating, brainstorming, analyzing, and thinking creatively to help shape the UO’s strategic vision. The names of the task force members can be found here.


Final Strategic Framework [PDF]

Updates prior to January 2016