Spring Term Remote Instruction

Take Action 

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Upload a syllabus
  3. Determine how to deliver course content to students remotely
  4. Determine how to assign work to students
  5. Determine how to collect and assess student work
  6. Publish your Canvas course to make it available to students.
  7. Communicate with students early and often. Send an announcement introducing yourself, your course, and expectations for remote learning during spring term.

Remote Instruction for Spring Term  

On March 19, 2020, President Schill announced that all spring courses will be delivered remotely. No classes will be held in person. Rather, instructors are asked to prepare ways for students to access course materials remotely without attending classes on campus. Below are suggestions for instructors to communicate with students, deliver instruction, support active learning, and assess student work. 

On March 26, UO Online and UO Information Services announced a new integration between Zoom and Canvas. You can now:

1. Communicate with students early and often.

MethodRecommended Solution/tool
Communicate with the entire classCanvas Announcements
Communicate with individual studentsCanvas Email
Communicate with individuals or small groups in real-timeCanvas Chat or Canvas Conference

2. Deliver instruction.

MethodRecommended Solution/toolIdeas for Implementation
Deliver a video lecture in real-time from your computerConference Tool within CanvasUse polling in Canvas Conferences 
Record a brief video lecture for students to watchPanopto Recordings in CanvasAdd in a Panopto Quiz to promote active learning 
Create a voiceover PowerPoint videoPanopto Recordings in CanvasAdd in a Panopto Quiz to promote active learning 
Create text-based lecture notesUpload files to Canvas 
Post readings and student reflection prompts Upload files to Canvas and add an Canvas Assignment Ideas to promote discussion online 

3. Support active learning.

MethodRecommended Solution/toolIdeas for Implementation
Facilitate student-to-student conversationCanvas DiscussionIdeas to promote discussion online 
Assign student presentationsPanopto Recordings in Canvas 
Assign collaborative activitiesCanvas Discussion or Canvas Groups 
Assign formative self-check quizzesCanvas Quiz 

4. Assess student learning.

MethodRecommended Solution/tool
Assign student papers or projectsCanvas Assignment | SpeedGrader
Assign quizzesCanvas Quiz | SpeedGrader
Evaluate student discussion contributionsCanvas Discussion | SpeedGrader
Evaluate student presentationsCanvas Rubrics | SpeedGrader

Additional self-help documentation is available from the Canvas Community in the Canvas Instructor Guide.

Faculty/Instructor Trainings Related to Spring Term Remote Instruction

Update (3-16-20):

Due to the recent recommendations by the state and federal governments and the call from the provost to limit gatherings, we are canceling all remaining in-person trainings. Video recordings of trainings for spring term remote instruction are available below.

Questions and requests for additional assistance can be sent to UO Online at 541-346-1942 or uoonline@uoregon.edu.

Canvas Tools for Communicating with StudentsView a recording of the training session.

Canvas Tools for Delivering InstructionView a recording of the training session.

Canvas Tools for Supporting Active LearningView a recording of the training session.

Canvas Tools to Assess Student LearningView a recording of the training session.

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