Space Advisory Group

The Space Advisory Group (SAG) is an advisory group to the provost and senior vice president charged with making recommendations on the allocation of university space to serve the mission and goals of the university.

SAG is supported and informed by staff spanning Campus Planning and Facilities Management, University Registrar, Academic Affairs, Student Life, and Enrollment Management. The group also draws regularly on the expertise of the Committee on Academic Infrastructure (CAI) and Science Space Advisory Group (SciSAG).


SAG advises the provost on:

  • Principles, policies and procedures for allocating and reallocating space;
    • Prioritized capital budget requests;
    • Campus-wide space metrics;
  • Requests for assigning space between units;
  • Major changes in space use; and
  • Space planning and optimum usage.

Guiding Principles

  1. All university space belongs to the university and is subject to assignment and reassignment.
  2. The Provost is responsible for allocating university space.
  3. Space usage will be consistent with university policies and in alignment with strategic plans and goals.
  4. Schools, colleges, and units are expected to explore all options within their existing space before making a request to the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs.
  5. Co-location of programmatically related activities should have a higher priority than co-location of non-programmatically related activities.