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May 18, 2021
Economic Recovery

As the country begins to recover from more than a year of impact from a global pandemic, Provost and Senior Vice President Patrick Phillips will serve as moderator of a panel exploring the state of Oregon’s economy, what’s changed in the labor market, what recovery could look like and how the University of Oregon is preparing students to be part of the solution, both now and in the future.

Meet our panelists

  • Tim Duy, Economics Professor of Practice, Senior Director, Oregon Economic Forum, and Co-Director of Undergraduate Students

  • Andrew Nelson, Randall C. Papé Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Jane Gordon, Vice Provost for Portland

  • Student Recovery Corp Representatives:
    • ​​​​​Jonathan Riley, Founder, better.
    • Stella Feuerborn, Class of ’23, student intern
    • Jurell Scott, Class of '22, student intern
March 31, 2021
Wildfire Recovery

Provost and Senior Vice President Patrick Phillips will serve as moderator of a panel discussing what the future holds in the aftermath of the 2020 Labor Day fires. The panelists will explore fire ecology, community preparedness, and the University of Oregon’s impact on recovery efforts in these areas.

Meet our panelists

  • Cassandra Moseley, Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation, Research Professor, and Senior Policy Advisor for the UO Ecosystem Workforce Program

  • Thomas Spies, Emeritus Scientist, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station, and Courtesy Professor, Oregon State University, College of Forestry.

  • Patence Winningham-Melcher, Lane County Emergency Manager

  • Sarah Altemus-Pope, Coordinator and Facilitator, Southern Willamette Forest Collaborative ​​​​​​

June 23, 2020
Testing & Tracing
COVID-19 in Lane County

Learn how the UO is applying its expertise in genomic, human subjects research, and data science to develop testing and forecasting tools through Oregon’s COVID-19 Monitoring and Assessment Program, known as MAP. This effort, which is happening partnership with Lane County Public Health, will generate data to inform policymakers and university leaders as they make critical choices about safely resuming in-person activities this fall.

Meet our panelists

  • Bill Cresko, Professor of Biology, Executive Director of UO's Presidential Initiative in Data Science Institute of Ecology and Evolution

  • Leslie Leve, Alumni Faculty Professorship, College of Education; Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation at UO

  • Greg Shabram, UO's Chief Procurement Officer

  • Dr. Patrick Luedtke is a Preventive Medicine and Primary Care physician. He serves as Lane County’s Senior Public Health Officer, as well as the Chief Medical Officer for the department of Health & Human Services' nine divisions and its six clinics.

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June 11, 2020
The Pandemic's Impact on Children and Families

For families with young children, the impacts of COVID-19, such as disruptions in childcare, the stress of working from home while parenting, and in some cases financial insecurity from lost employment, may be felt for years to come.

Our panel of experts discuss the effects of this pandemic on younger generations and share insights from the groundbreaking Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development in Early Childhood (RAPID-EC) survey of families with young children.

Meet our panelists

  • Dr. Fisher is the Philip H. Knight Chair and Director of the Center for Translational Science at the UO

  • Miriam Calderon is the Early Learning System Director overseeing the Early Learning Division in Oregon.

  • Joan Lombardi directs Early Opportunities LLC, a strategic advisement service focused on the development of young children, families and the communities that support them.



May 28, 2020
Pandemics and the Built Environment

The pandemic has dramatically shown how design and human health are inseparable and the UO is pioneering research into how architecture and city planning can change to better protect public health and safety.

Associate Professor Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg and Research Assistant Professor Mark Fretz from the Institute for Health in the Built Environment discuss how buildings and communities can adapt to be healthier.

Meet our panelists

  • Mark Fretz is an Assistant Research Professor and Associate Director of Outreach at the University of Oregon’s Institute for Health in the Built Environment.

  • Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg is an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon and is the Director of the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory in Eugene and Portland, OR.

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July 8, 2020
Autism and the Pandemic of School Absence

Across the country, professional supports for children with autism and developmental delays have come to a virtual halt due to the reduction of formal educational supports for children with disabilities.

The resulting disruption in schedules and routines can be even more detrimental to youth with autism, than to the general population, with lasting effects on mental health and school outcomes.

Meet our panelists

  • Geovanna Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of School Psychology in the Special Education and Clinical Sciences Department.

  • Laura Lee McIntyre, Department Head of Special Education and Clinical Sciences and Professor of School Psychology.

  • Wendy Machalicek, Associate Professor in Special Education and research faculty with Educational and Community Supports

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