GTFF Negotiation Updates

The Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation and the University of Oregon came to terms on a tentative agreement, ending more than a year of negotiations on terms meeting the needs of both sides.

The bargaining teams were able to find common ground in regard to a financial hardship fund accessible to all graduate students. The tentative agreement ends the strike with GTFs returning to work duties for the remainder of finals week.

The tentative agreement includes:

Graduate assistance fund

  • The fund will include $50 per admitted and enrolled master’s and doctoral student. Based on enrollment this fall, the fund would total approximately $150,000.
  • The fund will automatically carry over certain amount from the previous year.
  • With the establishment of the fund, any graduate student facing financial hardship relating to a family or medical issue, whether a member of the union or not, can receive awards of up to $1,000 in the case of serious medical issues and $1,500 in the case of the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child.

Flex time

  • The agreement also calls for guaranteed flex time for GTFs, allowing two weeks of family or medical leave with no loss of pay. GTFs would make up any lost time over three to nine months.            

Pay increases

  • 10 percent pay increase over two years on minimum GTF salaries. (5% in year one and 5% in year two).

Campus activities

GTFs who participated in the strike will be reporting to work as scheduled beginning today, December 10, 2014. They will be reinstated as instructors of record for their courses, though any others added as instructors of record prior to or during the strike will remain so listed.

Upon returning to work, GTFs are expected to grade all remaining, ungraded materials in their course(s) and to provide final course grades or section grades as appropriate. GTFs may not alter grading options put in place during the strike. The GTF and any others listed as instructors of record will need to consult regarding changes to class assignments, grading expectations, and provisional grades made during the strike.

When considering the UO's full offer, it is comparable to that of our peers.


Institution Paid leave (any at all — 3.5 days or more) Premium subsidy for families
University of Oregon NO YES (95% covered)
Oregon State University NO YES (50% covered)
Portland State University NO NO
University of Washington YES (3.5 days) YES (65% covered)
University of Michigan YES (6 weeks) YES (coverage varies)
University of Iowa YES (13.5-18 days) NO
University of California, Santa Barbara YES (4 weeks) NO
Indiana University YES (6 weeks) NO
University of Colorado NO NO
University of North Carolina YES (6 weeks) NO
University of Virginia NO NO



Graduate Assistant
Health Plan
Benefits to UO GTF
Same Benefits for
Premium Subsidy for
Medical Out of
Pocket Maximum
$1,000 or Less
University of Oregon YES YES YES YES 95% YES
University of Washington YES YES YES YES 65% NO
University of Michigan YES YES YES NO Variable NO
University of Iowa YES YES YES NO NO NO
University of California, Santa Barbara YES YES NO YES NO NO
Indiana University YES NO YES YES NO NO
University of Colorado YES NO YES YES NO NO
University of North Carolina YES NO YES YES NO NO
University of Virginia YES NO YES YES NO NO