Five-Year Decanal Review: Dean Juan-Carlos Molleda

Purpose of Five-Year Review

The performance of each dean will be reviewed annually, and a comprehensive review will be completed during the fifth year of service. These reviews will be conducted by the provost, who will ensure objectivity, balance, and fairness. The purpose of the five-year review is to evaluate the leadership of the dean and how the unit has progressed during their tenure as dean. Five-year reviews will include input from faculty and relevant stakeholders, which may include external groups where appropriate. Five-year reviews provide an opportunity to gather broad input on long-term contributions and future goals. The review will address all aspects of the dean’s leadership and unit responsibilities, including administration of the unit and responsible stewardship of college budget; commitment to principles of and growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school/college; effectiveness in carrying out the university and unit mission; strategic planning; successful fundraising and donor relations; alumni and community relations; and other functions appropriate to the dean’s assigned responsibilities and the needs of the unit. The goal is a comprehensive review highlighting areas of the dean’s strengths and areas for continued growth. The five-year review is guided by a set of key metrics for administrative expectations to help standardize the review process.

Juan-Carlos Molleda became dean of the School of Journalism and Communication in July 2016. 


Committee Membership

Carol Stabile - Committee Chair, Professor, Interim Dean Clarks Honors College

Beck Banks - Graduate student representative

Mariah Botkin - Undergraduate student representative

Josh Buetow - Assistant Dean of Finance & Operations

Andrew DeVigal - Professor, Director of the Agora Journalism Center

Anne Marie Levis - Journalism Advancement Council member

Seth Lewis - Professor, Director of the Journalism Program

Gabe Paquette - Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Ellen Peters - Professor, Director of the Center for Science Communication Research

Lori Shontz - Professor

Noemi Sepe - Coordinator


Public Presentation

The dean will give a public presentation addressing the mission of the school, leadership over the past five years and goals for the development of the unit. The presentation will be recorded and available by email request to Noemi Sepe,

When: Friday, 3/4 2:00-3:00pm

Where: Zoom Webinar:



To provide feedback online, please select the appropriate link below. - For external SOJC stakeholders (e.g. alumni and donors) - For faculty, staff, and students currently in SOJC 


In-person/Virtual interviews

To schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with members of the committee to provide input on the dean's review, please email Noemi Sepe,


3/14 2-4 pm EMU 112 | Alsea Room 

3/16 12-2 pm EMU 112 | Alsea Room 


3/10 3-5 pm | Zoom   

3/17 10-12 pm | Zoom