Fall Term Grading

December 7, 2017


Congratulations on nearing the end of fall term!

As you calculate and submit final grades, we would like to share a few reminders regarding grading.

Posted grades must represent an assessment of the work accomplished by the student in the course.

An incomplete may be issued when the quality of work is satisfactory, but some minor yet essential requirement has not been completed. Faculty and students should develop a contract outlining the requirements and specific deadlines for making up the incomplete, and file it in the course’s department office. Please note that it is not appropriate to direct a student to sit through the same class in a future term as a way to make up an incomplete, as that implies that the student has more than a “minor requirement” outstanding, and should not have been given an incomplete.

Effective with this grading cycle, the Y grade is discontinued. For a registered student who did not attend or participate, an F or N grade should be recorded in DuckWeb, and the new “non-attendance” box should be checked. Do not check the box if the student attended or participated in any portion of the course. Enter the last date of attendance (LDA) instead.

Students can view grades in DuckWeb, starting the Monday of finals week. Twice a day, newly submitted grades are made available for viewing, through Friday, December 15. Note that because students were unable to complete course evaluations when Banner was unavailable part of this last weekend, no grade holds were placed on students this term for not completing course evaluations on time.

Online grade rosters were turned on Thursday, November 30 and will be turned off at noon on Tuesday, December 12.

Many questions regarding grades and grade policies are addressed on the Office of the Registrar’s website, or you can contact the office directly at 541-346-2935.

We hope you have an enjoyable and rejuvenating winter break.

Best regards,

Scott L. Pratt
Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Professor of Philosophy

Julia A. Pomerenk
University Registrar
Assistant Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management