Faculty Insights Project

Executive Summary

The University of Oregon is ready for a technologically sophisticated online system that will capture a wide range of faculty research and creative activities. The primary purpose of such a system will be to manage faculty review processes consistently and efficiently across the university. This includes, but is not limited to, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review. Any future system we implement will involve both tenure-related and career faculty.

The information-gathering and work-flow mechanisms upon which we currently depend for faculty evaluation are antiquated and labor-intensive. Introducing a “Faculty Insights” system at UO will enhance our ability to streamline faculty personnel processes, and make the original achievements and instructional activities of faculty in all the schools and colleges more visible, both internally and externally.

Bringing this type of system to our campus requires thoughtful discussion, sustained input from many stakeholders across campus, and careful implementation. We want an outcome that will be easy to use, and that will be sensitive to the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative measures that are valued locally in the diverse disciplinary and professional fields that UO faculty represent.

The planning process began in Fall 2018 with the formation of two oversight committees: a Steering Committee and a Technical Review Committee. Planning for the first stage of the project began in November 2018 and culminated in April 2019. Numerous stakeholders were consulted during the planning phase, including members of the Faculty Advisory Council, the Research Advisory Board, and staff, faculty, and deans in every school and college.

The next phase of the project begins in May 2019. Again, that plan calls for consulting with stakeholders and letting the campus community know about progress. Tentatively, we hope to have a system in place by December 2020. The timeline may be subject to change, given expenditure reductions at the UO, but that is the target for the administration.

The Faculty Insights Project has two oversight committees.

Steering Committee

Members of the Steering Committee are responsible for overall governance of the project. This committee sets the project’s direction, makes decisions about its scope with input from the Technical Review committee, and provides oversight as the project progresses. Additional responsibilities include helping the project manager find creative approaches to institutional challenges, and assisting with partnerships across campus to ensure engagement with the project and a successful outcome.

Steering Committee members are:

  1. Ellen Herman, Committee Chair, Professor of History; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost
  2. Bruce Blonigen, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  3. Chris Chávez, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
  4. Erica Daley, Associate Dean of Finance and Operations, School of Law
  5. Noreen Hogan, Associate CIO for Applications and Middleware, Information Services
  6. Pauline Miller, Executive Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences
  7. Sonia Potter, Director, HR Operations, Human Resources
  8. Sonja Runberg, Associate Director of Operations, Office of the Provost
  9. Chris Sinclair, Associate Professor of Math; President, United Academics
  10. Elizabeth Skowron, Professor of Counseling Psychology, College of Education; Vice President and President Elect, UO Senate

Technical Review Committee

Members of the Technical Review Committee are responsible for refining the project’s technical requirements, evaluating and selecting potential vendors, and making recommendations to the project’s Steering Committee. Additional responsibilities include evaluating technical barriers during solution implementation, and making recommendations on changes in scope to the project Steering Committee.

Technical Review Committee members:

  1. Paul Taylor, Committee Chair and Project Manager, Enterprise IT Project Manager, Information Services
  2. Heather Dean, IT Business Analyst, Information Services
  3. Loring Hummel, Team Lead Web Services, CASIT
  4. Sabrina Madison-Cannon, Dean, School of Music and Dance
  5. Cortney McIntyre-Trent, Project Manager, Lundquist College of Business
  6. Nancy Nieraeth, Director, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources
  7. Sonia Potter, Director, HR Operations, Human Resources
  8. Anna Shamble, Senior Project Manager, Office of the Provost
  9. Travis Shea, Team Lead, Business Intelligence, Information Services
  10. Roxi Thoren, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Design
  11. Janet Woodruff-Borden, Dean, Graduate School

Project Staff:
Heather Dean, IT Business Analyst, Information Services
Sonja Runberg, Associate Director of Operations, Office of the Provost

Faculty Insights Project high-level recommendations, May 16, 2019 [PDF]


    June 2018-August 2018

    Stakeholder identification

    November 2018

    Steering Committee Kickoff

    january 2019-March 2019

    Listening tour across campus; 20 meetings with deans, faculty, and staff in every school and college, as well as key committees including the Faculty Advisory Council and the Research Advisory Board

    april 2019

    Technical Review Committee kickoff and requirements review work sessions

    May 2019

    Steering Committee makes recommendation for project scope, priority requirements, phasing

    summer 2019

    RFP posted


    Expenditure reductions make the following phases of the project tentative. We will update this timeline as more precise information becomes available.

    september 2019-October 2019

    Proposed “sandbox” evaluation during which faculty and staff play with potential systems and provide feedback about ease of use.

    november 2019-February 2020

    Develop faculty training processes

    february 2020-March 2020

    Faculty usability testing

    may 2020-July 2020

    System testing and training

    july 2020-October 2020

    Initial data entry for pilot units

    october 2020-November 2020

    Activity reporting pilots