Equity and Inclusion Statement

Tenure-track faculty and non-tenure-track faculty being evaluated for promotion and/or tenure are expected to include a discussion of contributions to institutional equity and inclusion in their personal statement.  

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has provided examples for faculty seeking to draft meaningful discussions of their contributions to institutional equity and inclusion. 

This statement, which need not be lengthy, is required. Candidates who do not address equity and inclusion in their personal statement will be asked to revise their statement before their files are reviewed by the Faculty Personnel Committee (TTF) or the provost (NTTF).  

As in the evaluation of scholarship, teaching, and service, there is no simple metric for evaluating this contribution. Foremost in the evaluation will be an appraisal of the thoughtfulness of the candidate’s discussion, the candidate’s commitment to the effort, and the real or potential impact of the candidate’s contributions.   

While it is common for these contributions to be consistent with the candidate’s job description and professional responsibilities, individual innovation, creativity, and thoughtfulness beyond those duties and responsibilities should be recognized.