Diversity Action Plans

President Schill and Provost Coltrane have instructed each administrative unit, school and college to create a Diversity Action Plan in line with the IDEAL Framework. These plans should be developed in conjunction with faculty, students, and staff members of color and must articulate the steps units plan to take to promote diversity, combat racism, and ensure inclusion.


  • Plans Due: March 17, 2017. Implementation to start in spring 2017
  • Plans should cover the next three years (with check-ins with UO leadership on progress)
  • Plans should be 3-5 pages
  • Plans should be at the school/college level except CAS will have three divisional plans
  • Plans should incorporate quantifiable goals
  • Plans should be developed collaboratively within and across units, including input from faculty, staff, and students as appropriate
  • Plans should incorporate implementation strategies, assessment measures and strategies, and mechanisms for holding people accountable for accomplishing the goals
  • Plans should define what resources will be needed and how they will be identified (e.g., reallocating staff time, reallocating funds, fundraising).Advancement will develop a “clearinghouse” for fundraising proposals to minimize duplication or conflict
  • Plans should be developed through iterative processes with UO leadership (and General Counsel)
  • Planning process will include workshop/training opportunities provided by DEI to ensure engagement with best practices for equity, inclusion, diversity and assessment. Workshops will begin in early December and last throughout the duration of the 90-day planning process

Five UO priorities for 2017-2020

Describe the climate for diversity in your units and for each priority, identify your goals, the strategies and resources that you have identified to accomplish your goals, how you plan to define and measure success, and what assistance you may need from campus to put the identified strategies into action.

I – What are your goals and strategies for incorporating issues of equity, implicit bias, and cultural understanding in searches, onboarding, training and exit interviews in ways that improve the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, especially those who are currently underrepresented in your units?

D – What are your goals and strategies for recruiting and retaining more diverse graduate and undergraduate students and how do your plans compare to best practices nationally?

E – What are your goals and strategies for measuring the impact and success of inclusion, equity and diversity efforts in your unit?

A – What are your goals and strategies for recognizing the work and achievement of diverse alumni (through publications, awards, honors, committee service, etc.) in your schools, colleges and other units?

L – What are your plans for utilizing philanthropy to advance the work of diversity, equity and inclusion in your unit and across the university?