Core Education Course Approval Process


The University Senate passed legislation during AY 2017-18 that makes changes to the core (previously “general”) education group and multicultural requirements. Existing courses approved in these categories will be grandfathered in until they are resubmitted for review. Over the next 3 years, all current courses that wish to remain in an Area of Inquiry (previously “group-satisfying”), or be considered for the US: Difference, Inequality and Agency or Global Perspectives areas will need to be resubmitted for consideration. See the Changes to Core Education Group and Multicultural Requirements page for more information.


Courses that currently meet one of the requirements will be submitted to UOCC for summer review. Deadline for submission for summer 2019 review is June 14, 2019. Courses submitted for summer review will be routed directly to the UOCC, bypassing the school/college curriculum review process.

Submission entails completing and submitting the following:

  1. Complete CourseLeaf form*. Some items on the form are excluded from this process;
  2. an up to date syllabus;
  3. backward design templates**, if using.

*In the CourseLeaf form, the following is required as evidence that the course meets the new requirements:

“Please describe HOW this course has been designed to fulfill the criteria of the core education requirement(s) selected. Please provide specific references to readings and assignments from the syllabus that address the criteria and outcomes for the Area of Inquiry chosen, and the Core Education Methods of Inquiry chosen.”

**Completing the Backward Design templates as suggested increases the chances that you will provide the evidence needed by the UOCC to review the course. If you choose not to use the templates, make sure you provide specific examples of assignments, readings and activities from the syllabus that address the criteria and outcomes for each applicable core education requirement.

Access to CourseLeaf and Training

If you need access to CourseLeaf, please contact Carolyn Vogt at

The Office of the Provost will provide 2 additional trainings during Spring 2019 term for faculty who will be submitting courses for summer 2019 review.

Wednesday, April 10
1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Knight Library Browsing Room

Thursday, April 11
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
Knight Library Browsing Room

Ron Bramhall, Associate Vice Provost, and Lee Rumbarger, Assistant Vice Provost, also have some availability to visit department meetings to provide an overview of expectations and the process. Please contact Ron Bramhall for more information.

If you have questions about this process or need additional guidance, contact Ron Bramhall at