Online/Hybrid Education Task Force


1) Collect, review, and analyze UO online/hybrid data, starting with historical through Summer ’15, as well as information from peer institutions and current customized reports from relevant consortia research agencies; and

 2) Develop recommendations for goals and organizational models for online/hybrid at UO. These recommendations should be associated with faculty involvement; quality of services and delivery; technological infrastructure; students and other audiences; mission alignment; and fiscal models.

Task force

  • Deb Bauer, Director, Under Graduate Honors Program, LCB
  • Doug Blandy, Sr. Vice Provost, Task Force Chair, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs
  • Andrew Bonamici, Associate Dean, Media & Digital Strategies, UO Libraries
  • Kassia Dellabough, Sr. Instructor, Undergraduate Council
  • Sue Eveland, Registrar, Registrar's Office
  • Lisa Freinkel, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Studies
  • Sandra Gladney, Executive Director, Academic Extension
  • Garron Hale, Director, CAS IT
  • Tory Herman, Associate Professor, Biology, CAS
  • Chris Krabiel, Interim Chief Information Officer, Information Services
  • Patricia Lambert, Director, Center for Community Arts & Cultural Policy
  • Rocco Luiere, Associate Dean, Finance, AAA
  • Charles Martinez, Professor, Dept. Head, Educational Methodology, Policy, and Leadership, CAS
  • Leslie Opp-Beckman, Director of Innovative Programming, American English Institute
  • Scott Pratt, Dean, Graduate School
  • Dane Ramshaw, Chief Technology Officer, Global and Online Education
  • Hal Sadofsky, Associate Dean, Natural Sciences, CAS
  • Mark Thoma, Professor, Economics