Funded Proposals from Budget Advisory Group

March 2, 2016


I am pleased to share with you today the funded initiatives from our FY17 Strategic Initiative Proposals submissions, but first, let me express my sincere gratitude to the members of our Budget Advisory Group (BAG) who vetted the proposals and helped to shape the outcomes.

As many of you know, the available funds for allocation by the BAG was smaller than it has traditionally been, largely due to the need to fund to institutional priorities related to faculty hires and supporting graduate programs. While there were many worthy proposals, the BAG believed that the six outlined below were of the greatest institutional benefit now. I am happy to report that all six are being funded in full.

The six include:

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program ($76,575 in recurring funding). This provides permanent support to maintain the undergraduate research opportunity program manager position.  The program initially piloted for two years by President’s office.
  • An international risk manager position ($74,952 in recurring funding). This position directs risk management initiatives and extractions for 1,500 students and hundreds of faculty who travel abroad each year.
  • Electronic Workflow System ($548,000 in one time funding/$271,000 in recurring funding). This system provides a platform for more efficient, paperless business processes.
  • An assistant director of enrollment research position ($50,000 in recurring funding). This position provides additional analytical support to diversify non-resident enrollment initiatives.
  • An eProcurement Market Basket ($75,000 in one time funding/$85,000 in recurring funding). This technology provides a platform for strategic sourcing and electronic procurement.
  • Laser cutters for the College of Architecture and Allied Arts ($85,000 in one time funding). This will enable the purchase of three lasers cutters for student use.  These are critical for training of students in design disciplines and needed for student recruitment.

Again, thank you to the Budget Advisory Committee and to all who submitted proposals.


Scott Coltrane

Provost and Senior Vice President