Big Ideas

Overview In the summer of 2009 the Big Ideas selection committee announced that it selected five ideas that will help shape the future of the university. These ideas, which are listed below, were chosen from nearly thirty submissions from around campus. More on history of the Big Ideas ProcessBig Ideas

  • Sustainable Cities: How do you plan, build and retrofit cities in sustainable ways targeting the intersection of green buildings, communities, business and policies.
  • The Americas in a Globalized World: Diversity and internationalization as keys to rethinking the past, present, and future of the hemisphere's populations, cultures, and economies.
  • Global Oregon: How do we rework liberal education to form not just good citizens, but good citizens of the world?
  • Human Health and Performance:  How do we maintain health and enhance performance in the modern world.
  • Green Product Design:  Integrating materials, product design and business models to supply the world with sustainable products.