Activities and Approval

Have questions? Need guidance?

We understand that you may have questions about the policy, exemptions, and the process for review and approval. If so, simply email

Some activities are exempt from disclosure under this policy (but may require disclosure under law or other UO policies). If they are performed outside of work and do not substantially interfere with the employee’s ability to perform their University duties, employees are not expected to disclose appearances, performances, exhibits, or publications; uncompensated outside activities; and consulting as an individual or sole proprietor.

Reimbursement for travel is exempt from disclosure under this policy, though it remains subject to the travel policy, ORS 244.025 regarding gifts, and ORS 244.042 regarding honoraria.

How to seek approval

  1. Send an email to describing the nature of the proposed outside activity particularly as it pertains to the items above.
  2. A staff member will get back to you and will set up a time to ask clarifying questions and get a little more detail.
  3. Determination:
    1. If it is determined that no conflict or potential conflict exists and no approval is needed, that’s it! A staff member will email you with a summary of the scope of the activity disclosed and confirmation of the determination.
    2. If there is a potential conflict, we will work with you—as well as your supervisor and other relevant leadership—to determine whether approval can be granted. Usually this is the case, and just requires the execution of a simple Institutional Management Plan to ensure you and the UO are on the same page about how any such conflicts will be managed.  Your plan will be signed off on by your department/unit and college/division in addition to the current UO official designated by the President to manage this policy.