AY2019-20 Institutional Hiring Plan

The 2019 Institutional Hiring Plan (IHP) launches tenure-track faculty searches that will be conducted in the 2019-20 academic year. It will be developed through a collaborative process that begins with our faculty, involves discussion between the provost and individual deans, and concludes with two advisory groups – the Deans Council and the Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee (a group of senior faculty members) – providing feedback on the proposed plan. The plan will detail all approved tenure-track faculty searches.

All final decisions related to the IHP are the responsibility of the provost.

Update (3-25-19):

Given the discussions about university-wide expenditure reductions, the provost has decided to delay the announcement of the 2019 IHP until mid-May.

Scope of the 2019 IHP

As many as 50 searches are expected for 2019, based on available funding. This number includes the continuation of searches from the 2018 IHP and is subject to change based on continued analysis of recurring resources.

It is expected that most new searches in the 2019 IHP will be funded at the level of assistant professor. Deans interested in hiring at the associate or full professor level will be required to work with the provost to identify resources to pay for the difference in salary.

Centrally supported startup and the cost of renovations for new searches in the 2019 IHP will be a serious consideration.


  • October 2018: Provost launches the 2019 IHP process, directing deans to work with their faculty to develop hiring proposals for the 2019-20 search year.
  • October 2018 - Feb 2019: Deans work with faculty to generate ideas for future faculty searches. Questions about IHP processes within each school and college should be directed to the dean’s office.
  • Feb. 8, 2019: Deadline for deans to submit school and college-level proposals to the Office of the Provost.
  • Feb. 2019: Provost reviews proposals and meets with deans individually.
  • March - April 2019: Provost drafts proposed plan, reviews with Deans Council and Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee, considers updated financial factors, and finalizes plan.
  • Mid-May 2019: Announcement of the 2019 IHP.


The IHP process prioritizes proposals that best fit the institution’s long-term goals for excellence, including overall institutional health and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This would include proposals that do one or more of the following:

  • Leverage and expand on demonstrated research excellence.
  • Help create research excellence in new areas or areas on the cusp of excellence.
  • Grow successful graduate programs, especially PhD programs.
  • Identify how the unit will ensure a broad and inclusive search, using their Diversity Action Plan goals.
  • Demonstrably support student success.
  • Were developed in coordination with the Clark Honors College.
  • Demonstrate the unit’s ability to ensure a climate that will support the success of the new faculty member.

Proposals are reviewed by the provost and are provided to both the Deans Council and the Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee for discussion. This year's Provost’s Faculty Hiring Advisory Committee members are Chris Murray (COE), Colin Koopman (CAS-HUM), Frances White (CAS-SS), Jennifer Pfeifer (CAS-NS), Kim Sheehan (SOJC), Roxi Thoren (Design), and Sharon Paul (SOMD).


The 2019 IHP process is intended to be data-informed. Proposals should be developed based on institutional metrics, including operational metrics, graduate and undergraduate metrics, and scholarship and excellence (“mission”) metrics as defined by the relevant unit. The operational metrics on the Institutional Research website will be refreshed in early November.

Consider the following when developing proposals:

  • Proposals that are related to negative tenure or pre-tenure personnel decisions will receive special consideration.
  • Proposals developed in coordination with the Clark Honors College will be given special consideration.
  • All units are invited to consider their ability to contribute meaningfully to the President’s Initiative in Data Science.
  • The provost will consider clusters of positions, if they are proposed by the participating deans and if the cluster clearly supports a substantial and tangible increase in the excellence of the university.
  • Proposals in areas with declining student demand are more likely to be successful in the IHP process if the research focus of the proposed position is critical to maintaining a well-established excellence in an area that remains central and relevant.

Please note that, unless the dean decides otherwise:

  • 2018-19 searches that are not yet filled will generally be automatically put forward for the 2019 IHP discussion. New proposals will not be required for these positions.
  • 2018-19 searches that were discontinued because the applicant pool data was not reasonably consistent with availability data will be allowed to continue as part of the 2019 IHP (for search year 2019-20). New proposals will not be required for these positions.

Deans are expected to review their school/college’s proposals and to prioritize those that warrant forwarding to the provost for IHP consideration.

Format and Process

Questions about a particular school/college IHP proposal process should be addressed to school/college leadership.

Questions about the IHP may be directed to Anna Shamble (ashamble@uoregon.edu).