Announcing the new School of Accounting in the Lundquist College of Business

May 2, 2017

I am pleased to announce that I have approved changes that will create a new School of Accounting at the University of Oregon in the Charles H. Lundquist College of Business, effective July 1.

The Department of Accounting is home to UO faculty members who stand apart among peers across the country in their teaching and research excellence. With 43 schools of accountancy or accounting in the United States, establishing the UO School of Accounting puts us in elite company with our peer institutions in this area, such as Arizona State, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, and the University of Southern California.

This name change was precipitated by accounting faculty members and brings a new level of distinction to the program and the university. In addition to their support, the Lundquist College of Business Academic Council, the main advisory body to the dean, voted unanimously in favor, as did voting faculty members at a college-wide faculty-staff meeting in November.

The change from a department to a school stems from a recognition that accounting is not just an academic discipline, but also a profession. Having a separate school exposes accounting students to the concept and meaning of being in a profession focused on high ethical standards, self-responsibility, continuous learning and development, collegiality, autonomy, and independence. 

The Federation of Schools of Accountancy advocates creating separate schools as a way of cementing awareness of professionalism and bringing distinction to programs. This is ultimately of great benefit for students, faculty members, and alumni. It also creates an opportunity for naming and endowing the school, which of course leads to additional scholarships, faculty support, funding for continuing education programs, and more.

Please join me in celebrating the new University of Oregon School of Accounting at the Lundquist College of Business.


Scott Coltrane
Provost and Senior Vice President