Announcing the new College of Design

April 14, 2017


Following an extensive review and feedback process, I am pleased to announce that I have approved changes that will rename and create new structures for academic areas in the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

Effective July 1, the school will be known as the College of Design.

For more than a century, students and faculty members have looked to the University of Oregon for outstanding programs in these areas. The quality of these programs is a pillar of the university’s strong reputation around the world.

It is in that spirit of excellence that these changes will build upon the university’s strengths, foster collaboration and innovation, and continue to create student experiences that are second to none. These changes are designed to enhance the programs, bring increased value to the degrees earned, and position the students, faculty, and staff for greater success.

Prior to this decision, the concept was vetted in a thorough process in each academic area with faculty, staff, students, and alumni; with university leadership; and endorsed by the University Senate.

In the coming months, Dean Christoph Lindner will work collaboratively with leadership and members of the faculty to implement the new structure by the start of fall term. The current organizational structure will remain in place until the end of this academic year.

The College of Design will include four distinct, yet complementary subunits:

  • School of Architecture & Environment
  • School of Art + Design
  • School of Planning, Public Policy and Management
  • Department of the History of Art and Architecture

This structural concept was explored throughout fall 2016, with faculty members, staff and students discussing various ideas through a series of workshops, surveys and in depth conversations. Following vigorous debate, widespread support emerged for this evolution to a college.

I want to thank Dean Lindner and his team for their thoughtfulness and transparent approach to this effort. This kind of creative vision and commitment to excellence make the University of Oregon a destination university for so many in the design field.

Please join me in celebrating the new University of Oregon College of Design.


Scott Coltrane
Provost and Senior Vice President