Strategic Framework Task Force Members

Yvette Alex-Assensoh – vice president, Equity and Inclusion; professor, Political Science

Susan Anderson – professor, German Scandinavian Studies; currently also senior vice provost, Academic Affairs,

Andy Berglund – then-interim dean, Graduate School; courtesy professor, Institute of Molecular Biology; courtesy research associate, chemistry and biochemistry

Deanna Berglund – grants/contracts coordinator, Institute of Molecular Biology

Doug Blandy – senior vice provost, Academic Affairs; professor, Arts and Administration

Jim Bouse – director of technology for OEM; associate registrar for technology, Office of the Registrar

Ron Bramhall – associate vice provost, Academic Affairs; senior instructor I, Business

Frances Bronet – then-Acting Senior Vice President and Provost; professor, architecture

Kayleigh Catron Frater – graduate student, PPPM

Endalkachew Chala – graduate student, Media Studies

Helen Chu – director, Academic Technology

Lauradel Collins – analyst programmer 2, Computer and Information Science

Angela Davis – associate professor, Accounting

Vickie De Rose – professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alexandre Dossin – professor, Music

Daniel Dugger – professor, Mathematics

Deborah Exton – senior instructor II, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michael Fakhri – assistant professor, Law

Karen Ford – associate dean, Humanities; professor, English

Lisa Freinkel – vice provost, Undergraduate Studies; associate professor, English

Dennis Galvan – vice provost, International Affairs; professor, International Studies

Fritz Gearhart –professor, Music

John Gillies – undergraduate student, Biochemistry

Brian Gillis – associate professor, Art

Amalia Gladhart – professor, Romance Languages

Sandra Gladney – executive director, Academic Extension

Karen Guillemin – professor, Biology

Esther Hagenlocher – associate professor, Architecture

Gordon Hall – professor, Psychology

Michael Hames-Garcia – professor, Ethnic Studies

Robin Holmes – vice president, Student Life

Rob Horner – professor, Educational and Community Supports

Terry Hunt – dean, Clark Honors College; professor, Clark Honors College

Marty Hurst – administrative program assistant, Educational and Community Supports

Jane Irungu – director, Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

Randy Kamphaus – dean, College of Education; professor, School of Psychology

Moira Kiltie – associate vice president and chief of staff, Research and Innovation

Robert Kyr – then-Senate President, professor, Music

Matika Levy – undergraduate student, Political Science

Adriene Lim – dean, UO Libraries, senior librarian

Laura Lindstrom – then-associate professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services

Barbara Marbury – program coordinator, Equity and Inclusion

Andrew Marcus – interim dean, College of Arts and Sciences; associate dean, Social Sciences

Colleen McKillip – executive assistant, School of Journalism and Communication

Ian McNeely – associate dean for undergraduate education, College of Arts and Sciences; professor, History

Casey Minter – undergraduate student, Journalism

Jamie Moffitt – vice president, Finance and Administration

Brook Muller – interim dean, School of Architecture and Allied Arts, associate dean for academic affairs, School of Architecture and Allied Arts

Kara Nell – graduate student, Chemistry

Nicole Nelson – ASUO administrative assistant/office coordinator, Division of Student Life

Chris Ramey – associate vice president, Campus Planning and Real Estate

Brad Shelton – interim vice president, Research and Innovation; vice provost, Budget and Planning

Gretchen Soderlund – associate professor, Media History

Greg Stripp – chief of staff/senior advisor to President, President’s Office

Richard Taylor – professor and then-director, Physics

Roger Thompson – vice president, Enrollment Management

Mark Unno – associate professor and then-department head, Religious Studies

Dean Walton –science and technology outreach librarian, UO Libraries

Melissa Woo – vice provost and chief information officer, Information Services