Prior Strategic Planning Updates

Strategic Framework Updates prior to January 2016

Strategic planning process

Thank you to all who participated in the Strategic Planning Process this academic year for your time, focus and energy. Together we establish a set of values, goals and priorities for the strategic direction of the university.

Strategic planning priority setting

The University of Oregon’s strategic planning process has entered a new phase moving towards clear articulation of the key priorities - how the university will define and achieve our goals. In October, the UO began a strategic planning process.  This is a fully collaborative Senate – Provost Office endeavor, with over 50 members of 4 task forces coming from staff, students, faculty, and administrators. 

Invitation - strategic planning workshops

Your input and expertise is greatly needed for the university’s strategic planning process. We are currently in the process of creating a strategic plan that will chart our course into the future. We need your help in shaping our strategic direction; and defining our university’s priorities and goals.

Steering committee named for Strategic Planning process

I am pleased to announce that a steering committee has been named to help lead the university-wide Strategic Planning process. University Senate President Rob Kyr will join me as the co-chair of the steering committee. The other eight members represent each of the four task force work groups. 

University-wide Strategic Planning Task Force workgroups named

Acting Provost Frances Bronet has appointed more than fifty people from across campus to write the plan that will help shape the strategic direction of the University of Oregon for years to come. These campus community members will draft the University-wide Strategic Plan over the 2014-15 academic year.